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A day filled with joy, prizes, and incredible talents! Our M.S.T University Freshers Welcome Day is over.

The M.S.T University Freshers Welcome 2023, which showcased the students' excellence, was held at the Golden Inya Private Island on Yangon's Inya Road.
The principal of M.S.T University, U Aung Zaw Myint himself, delighted everyone with an unexpected and impressive singing performance, adding a personal touch to the Freshers Welcome Day. The event featured the presentation of sections to the outstanding first, second, and third prize winners of both the M.S.T Futsal Cup 2023 and the M.S.T Badminton Tournament. Special reward programs were initiated to recognize and appreciate the exceptional skills of the best players in each tournament, fostering a spirit of competition and sportsmanship.
The crowning glory of the day was the M.S.T University's King/Queen Selections, a showcase of incredible beauty and poise. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and admiration as these individuals captivated the audience with their grace and charm.
Moreover, the event turned into a spectacle of diverse talents, with the venue pulsating to the beats of DJs, resonating with the melodious voices of students, and alive with the rhythmic movements of dance performances. It was a truly enchanting and memorable day, where the university community came together to celebrate not just academic excellence but also the vibrant talents that make M.S.T University a dynamic and thriving community.


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